Ce-ar fi…

Amelia nu si-a imaginat ca somnul de dupa-amiaza ar putea sa deschida o poarta catre trecut. Pentru ca asta e o nebunie! Sau nu? Si poate mai mare nebunie e sa simti ca te indragostesti de barbatul din trecut, de vremurile de mult apuse, de tot ce inseamna un ¨nou inceput¨. Dar daca ai putea, ce ai alege: trecutul sau prezentul?

ps: pentru o lectura ideala, porniti intai melodia de la finalul postarii, un soi de ¨coloana sonora¨aleasa special pentru fiecare capitol in parte 🙂











Bucket list

Grief and guilt are hard to overcome. And even harder it is to let go. But Gwynet learns that her newfound friends can help her share the burden and help her out of the darkness. While fulfilling the wishes of a lost friend, they find themselves.

They bond. They fall in love. And they learn to live.









Just Right

Six months, countless set-up dates and lots of coffee. Aria feels stuck in her life, in every way possible. But her girlfriends decide to help by finding her a suitable partner before one of them is getting married…  Unwillingly, Aria will have to go on a date every week in order to find the right guy.



Sabor a caramelo


Isabel attends her first concert of international artist Pablo Alboran. She might also have a crush on him, but so millions of his fans. Only that her luck changes when they bump into each other. She likes him a lot but fears being not good enough. He likes her a lot, but his career and ongoing world tour can’t be paused. Can they make it work?



red lips

Raven´s diary







tokyo shibuyaLove like Hanabi sky







photo Short works



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